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Being a style queen takes a lot of work; there’s a reason that most celebrities have a team of stylists on hand. I’m not saying I’m an actual Queen, but I like to think when I put my mind to it, I can hold my own in the style stakes. But let’s say it how it is, being plus size means I have a little less choice and being a mummy means I have a lot less time.

You might already know that I’ve been working with Very over the last few months and one of the reasons I really love them as a brand is because they have SO much choice in one place. So yes, it might seem hard to up your style game. However, if you style smarter, not harder, it’s easy to look fashionable with much less effort; here are my top style cheats to keep even the busiest girls looking fabulous.

All-over colour

Plus Size style cheats

 One of the top trends this season is block colours. But if you’re not quite brave enough to pair colours with colours then go for a really bright and punchy piece. This top from Very Curve, full of bright blooms is perfect. It’s a really bright piece but effortless. It stands out but you don’t have to worry about stopping traffic. Wearing something like this brightens your mood and you’ll look bang-up-to-date, effortlessly. You don’t even have to worry too much about colour clashing with this top, as this season’s vibe is the more the merrier, wear it with any colour jean that takes your fancy.

Buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed

Save yourself the hassle by opting for fabrics which don’t need ironing, or are anti-wrinkle. Nothing kills a stylish look like creased clothes. The bright shell top above does just that. I’m not lazy, purely economical with my time.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes 

How to wear red converse

A well-chosen pair of shoes can instantly elevate any outfit from drab to fab. Using footwear to add a pop of colour or pattern is a tried-and-tested way to dial up your style, but the key here is confidence. To really look #fashion, think bold. I’m trying to think comfort this year and these red Converse have got me falling head over heels. They’re bright and make such a statement but actually, they go on in 2 minutes and are the comfiest things ever.

wide fit animal print shoes

As for the leopard print heels. As far as I’m concerned, animal print is a neutral base. Grab yourself a pair of these Lost Ink shoes from Very and they will go with every single outfit you own. Don’t believe me? Try it. (Oh and block heels are a saviour if you’re not really a heel person – much easier to walk in)

Choose bags carefully

white spring circle bag

You don’t need an endless array of bags; one or two everyday bags each season can really do it all. What’s important is choosing these bags with care; pick something that will go with any outfit. Black is usually a safe bet but it’s a bit boring. (Honestly, go for white! Especially now Spring and Summer is around the corner). It brightens up any outfit and goes with basically any colour. Just make sure you give it a little TLC occasionally to stop it going grubby. This circle bag from River Island at Very is perfect. It’s also a reminder that bags don’t have to be square. Think outside of the box.

Find your lipstick

A swipe of lipstick can make any outfit look more put-together instantly. Even if you don’t wear any other makeup, it adds a huge dose of style to your look (and worn with an otherwise bare face, exudes confidence and an easy-breezy sense of fashion). Bold colours such as pillar-box red or burnt orange work well, but more subtle shades do the job in a more gentle fashion. I’m a sucker for a bright lip and it instantly makes me feel ready to take on whatever the day is going to throw at me.

Wear what makes you feel good

When buying clothes, think about how they’ll work with other items in your wardrobe. Finding pieces that you know you love means no matter how fast you need to run out the door, whatever you throw on is likely to look put-together. I’m a fan of slogan tops. I know if I pop one on with my favourite jeans and trainers then I’m good to go. This slogan tee is from the Very main range. I’m wearing a very roomy size 24 which just goes to show, experimenting with sizes is worth doing too.

So the key things to remember – bright colours, white bags, statement shoes, a bright lip and wearing what you love. They’re all the things you need to see you through Spring & Summer feeling and looking at the top of your style game.


*This post is part of my on-going paid collaboration with Very, all opinions are my own.






  1. February 27, 2019 / 8:04 pm

    oh my goodness I love all of these outfits – especially those animal print shoes! I am all for buying non-iron too 🙂

  2. February 27, 2019 / 9:30 pm

    I literally won’t buy anything unless it’s non iron. I always remember my mum on a Sunday in front of the TV ironing for hours and thinking to myself…..I am NOT doing that when I’m older. I stuck to my word too 😉

  3. February 27, 2019 / 10:50 pm

    Loving those orange baseball boots, they are super cool. It’s so important to be comfortable in your own style. Mich x

  4. February 28, 2019 / 7:31 am

    The hearts on those converse are so sweet and you have to love a bit of leopard print. I really like your style and how you’ve paired these outfits x

    February 28, 2019 / 1:16 pm

    Lovely selection of items. I love the colours of the top, perfect for Spring and those leopard print shoes are fab!!!!!

  6. February 28, 2019 / 1:21 pm

    I am always really scared of playing with colour – I should be brave more often though. I am loving the first top it is so colourful and vibrant.

  7. March 1, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    I love Converse and this is such a gorgeous colour of red! I have a few pairs so I banned myself from buying new ones!

  8. March 4, 2019 / 1:15 pm

    Hollie – firstly – I didn’t realise until now you had changed your blog name. I love it! Secondly, the second outfit with the mustard coat is gorgeous. I love the colour. I do have a Very account but I rarely use it these days. I haven’t bought clothes in such a long time as I seem to spend my days in PJs and then work clothes. I think I need to take a trip and look at their stuff!

  9. March 4, 2019 / 3:02 pm

    I love those Converse! They are such a great colour for the spring.

  10. March 4, 2019 / 3:04 pm

    I love the colour of those converse, they are so pretty for spring!

  11. March 4, 2019 / 10:14 pm

    These are some great ways to up your style game – I definitely choose clothes that don’t need to be ironed if I can, haha!

  12. March 4, 2019 / 11:53 pm

    I love the shoes and the bag you’ve shared here. I agree, lipstick can matter a lot! I usually prefer darker shades as it adds a pop of colour.

  13. March 5, 2019 / 7:49 am

    Yes to buying clothes that don’t need to be ironed, I don’t have time for that! x

  14. Chelle Dizon
    March 6, 2019 / 8:47 am

    This is the first time that I saw a leopard print shoes and that looks really fabulous and pretty.

  15. March 6, 2019 / 1:11 pm

    Looking fab lady. Love the floral top and those super cool red pumps xx

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