My Top July Picks From Very – Summer Must-Haves

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If you could only pack one outfit for your summer holiday this year, what would you choose? It’s a hard choice, right? So whether you’re at home or away this summer these are my key pieces to see you through every occasion with as little hassle as possible. If you see me in the next couple of months, I’ll probably be wearing one of these…

The Maxi Dress

Time to get smart and get a maxi dress. Stylish, classy, and surprisingly functional. They cover a multitude of sins. Mosquito bites? Weird tan lines? Mysterious bruises? One of the great things about maxi dresses is that you can keep everything covered up – and look super stylish at the same time. Bonus: the extra length protects you from sunburn. You can get maxi dresses in almost any colour or pattern but I’m in love with the chilled look of this blue tie-dye maxi from Very. It’s a generous fit so don’t be worried about sizing down if you need too. for my trainer wearing babes, this looks amazing with some fresh white pumps too.

Maxi dresses are one of the comfiest things you can wear – especially in hot climates. You can throw on a billowing maxi dress and stay cool (and did I mention sun-protected?) They’re also great in colder climates, where you can stay toasty with warm layers underneath like roll-neck jumpers, leggings and tights.

I’m not a fan for strappy numbers usually but I love the cool vibes of wearing a tee underneath. It makes me feel like I really know what I’m doing with my wardrobe (even if I don’t!) It helps protect from sunburn (I keep going on about it I know!) and it’s an easy way of turning a maxi dress from daywear to eveningwear! Just pop the tee off and pop on some jewellery. Sorted.

Slogan Tees

While we’re talking tees, there’s no need to keep it just plain and simple. I’m a BIG, HUGE fan of tees right now. There’s nothing like a slogan tee or a big old print on the front to make any outfit pop. As well as being comfy, simple tees have one other big selling point – barring absolute catastrophe, there’s a close to zero chance of any wardrobe malfunctions. You can chill out and enjoy your life, free from the risk of any popped buttons, no more odd tan lines or weird sticky feelings – (opt for 100% cotton where you can to keep you feeling fresh)

This strawberry tee and Love More badge tee both from Very are just so versatile when it comes to summer wardrobe planning. They’re absolute winners because they look super clean (I mean fresh white in the sun is always going to be a good thing) The bright prints make them perfect for summer and you can wear them with anything. From under maxi dresses, as I mentioned earlier, matching with shorts, over a bikini top or pairing with midi skirts. Which moves me on nicely…

Make a Statement or Two

Life is way to short to be boring. ESPECIALLY when it comes to clothes. There so much amazing stuff out there for us plus size babes now that I refuse to be a wallflower. My two favourite wardrobe pieces right now are this super bright (I mean SUPER bright!) pink blazer and another roaring show-stopping animal print skirt.

The blazer is almost neon, I mean you’ll see me coming a mile away but I love that! I love that the pink reflects the sun, helping with my natural glow and it’s a really bright, fun and versatile piece. Pop it on in the evening for dinner or if you’re heading to the club. If you’re in a slightly cooler environment, wear it all day every day. That’s my plan. It’s really not that complicated when you’ve got a jacket that does all the talking for you.

The midi skirt, which is from River Island via Very is another impactful piece. Wear it with a tee as I mentioned above and you’ll have the most effortless but sassiest outfit around. The skirt has a satin feel to it and it’s super light and airy. It has its own little sassy floatiness going on and it’s one of my favourite skirts right now. Oh, and it works a little like the maxi dress too – it covers a load of dodgy tan lines and insect bites (I know I’m not the only one!) There’s nothing like effortless fashion and that’s what I love about all of these pieces. I put them on and instantly feel great. Bring on the rest of the summer!

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