DIY Halloween Party Inspiration

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It’s been a tough year, hasn’t it? I feel like we’ve missed so many good events and celebrations this year because of world events. But there’s one event coming up that I think we’ll be celebrating no matter what. Can you guess what it is? Halloween of course! That’s right! I know Trick or Treating might be off the cards, I mean the social distancing isn’t a problem when you’re dressed as a wicked witch but it’s more the taking sweets from other households that will probably be the issue. So even if we can’t head out for a ghostly trick or treat or Halloween party, we can most definitely have fun in our own home! Woop! So come on, who else is excited about having a reason to dress up, get some decorations going and just have some really good family fun? Because I know I am!

So when I say party, who knows how many people will be there. It could just be us, our little family, or the entire street! There is definitely a love of street parties right now, socially distanced of course, as a way to bring a community together. But with people purse strings being pulled more so now than ever before, it’s the best time to get creative and make your own Halloween decorations! Yes! If I can do it, so can you. It doesn’t even take loads of creativity. But HOW? I can hear you shouting at the screen. Well here are my top tips on making your DIY Halloween party perfect. Yes, you heard right, DIY.

First things first, make all the decorations yourself. I’m not joking. From napkins to bunting. Wall stickers, window decorations and other ghoulish going on’s.  You can do it all. No, you don’t need to know how to design stuff. You really don’t. You can simply use a Halloween SVG bundle to do all the creative work for you! Huh? What is an SVG bundle? Its an abbreviation for Scalable Vector Graphics and it’s a 2D image that can be scaled to any size without losing the image quality. You can download the images and use them on a tonne of projects and materials too. So you can put these images on paper, fabric or even vinyl. You can just use them for social media posts or website design too. But no matter what use them for or put them on, the quality of the image doesn’t change! It means you can get all the Halloween designs you need for any kind of project basically all created for you! You just have to decide what to do with them. You can get bundles so you can save lot’s of time or you can find individual ones. Whatever you decide, having a stash of SVGs is a great little tip for any kind of design project… especially Halloween because it’s all so visual! Think pumpkin characters, Halloween slogans and ghostly figures. You’ll find them all and more.

Where can you get Halloween SVGs?

Start somewhere like They have hundreds of Halloween designs that can be downloaded instantly, meaning you can get started on your Halloween themed party straight away! All of their Halloween SVG files include a Personal and Commercial Use License so once you’ve bought the ones you want, you can pretty much do what you want with them. I mean, if your creativity is THAT good, you could end up with your own range of t-shirts… never say never!

Another really good thing about Design Bundles is their online help. There are so many articles and helpful guides on the website if you need some advice or creative ideas. I also like the fact that they talk in really simple terms. There’s lots of jargon in the design world and if you haven’t studied or trained within that field, it can make things a little overwhelming. But they talk in simple terms so that you know exactly what you need to do and explain things in a non-technical way. It definitely makes them feel like a friendly brand! As well as SVGs, you can get a tonne of other things on the website too. From fonts to mockup templates. The list goes on. It’s a bit like a one-stop-shop for all things design related. NO matter how much of a novice or a pro that you are, Design Bundles is a great little hub to be using.

What about a DIY Halloween Costumes?

There comes a time in your life when you need to make do and sew. Now is probably that time. WE haven’t been able to take things to the charity shop, so all those old clothes you have hanging around, get them out and put something together. Especially for the kids. Even an old sheet with holes for eyes will cut the mustard this year. Print off some Halloween images (like I said above) and stick or sew them on if the mood takes you. Use Pinterest for DIY costume ideas and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

And the food?

Well, it goes without saying that Halloween party food is great because it just needs to be simple stuff right? I’m not even joking, last year I used veggie mash bakes and carrots to make giant spiders for dinner, and mash potato ghosts! You can check my Instagram if you don’t believe me. The good thing with Halloween is that everyone’s imagination is ready to run wild and they’ll be able to create a monster out of a flower if it’s at the right angle! So just do something super simple and you’ll have no problems.

Don’t forget to make you Halloween invites too! A great way of making use of those Halloween SVGs that you’ve downloaded! Plus, if you want to do even more than just recycle old clothes to help save the environment, how about sending a digital invite by email? Yep… can help you do that too! See… the design world is now your oyster and Halloween is the best time to get practising. Time to get your spooky skills ready!


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